Whole30 Food Adventure

I understand why most people document their journey through Whole30, it keeps you accountable. When I mentioned to my boyfriend that I would blog about doing Whole30 but not publish it until I had completed it, he responded “Why? If you fail, people would be interested in that too.” To which I responded “But I don’t want people to see me….awwww, shit. I see what you did there.” I will admit, I have about a nanosecond of willpower, and receiving texts from beer companies and my instagram feed do not help the cause.

But I’ve realized a few things in the few days I’ve been doing Whole30 that are tremendously beneficial, clean eating aside.

    • I love to cook. And when you go back to the basics of oils, acids, and spices, creativity starts to flow. Whole Life Challenge/Kitchen Karate (not related to Whole30) has great cooking videos about starting with the basic building blocks of these ingredients.Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 3.37.14 PM
    • Online grocery delivery is my new best friend. I’m terrible with a cookbook and meal planning, so sitting down with a cookbook normally spirals into visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. However, making a list of the ingredients I need for just five recipes, then immediately putting them into an online grocery delivery system like Hy-Vee has, not only eliminated $50 of impulse purchases but kept me out of arms reach of everything I’m avoiding.
    • One day at a time. The new Whole30 journal breaks down the 30 days into a single day chapter. Seems simple, too easy. But when I break down thisseemingly overwhelming project into 30 smaller tasks, my brain has less pull in the “give up” direction. Either that or it’s the lack of brain power I have altogether, but I blame that on R1:Day3.

So, here it goes.


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