Chicago: The Aviary

Of course I've been obsessed with The Aviary, and every other Achatz culinary adventure since my visit to Alinea. Not just a cocktail lounge, this is a theatrical experience that will provide you with stories to share with friends for years to come. I don't consider myself a "one upper", but I have a few... Continue Reading →


News: A Death Wish and detox

News: Put this on your radar and smoke it. Death Wish Coffee Mug Release- I've fallen into a deep hole, a world I didn't know existed but has consumed me. On the hunt for a Death Wish Coffee Co. limited edition coffee mug, I've discovered a devoted community and intense game of mug trading. You... Continue Reading →

Chicago: Brunch, Three Ways

We kicked off the weekend at a brunch spot, having no idea the standard we would set and fight to meet throughout the weekend. In fact, upon starting to eat our breakfast selections at Dove's Luncheonette, I think the comment was "how are we ever going to do better than this, this weekend?!" But, that's... Continue Reading →

And we wait…

This moment, as I type this, an eerie feeling flows through my hometown. For days we have been preparing for a flood that could potential destroy our city, again. And while we've prepared for days and watched a city unite in their neighborly efforts to support each other, we now just hold our breath and... Continue Reading →

Oishinbo: cooking & comics

I mean, talk about being the last one to the party. Today, in an article from NPR titled Food Manga: Where Culture, Conflict and Cooking All Collide, I started to unearth Oishinbo. Only to find out after several clicks that I'm about 33 effing YEARS behind. A quest for the Ultimate Menu by a lazy... Continue Reading →

National Donut Day!

Happy National Donut Day! Here is me at my day job pretending I don't like donuts. And acting like I wasn't going to inhale one 20 minutes after the edit was complete. Then go to this place: Hurts Donut Co. in Coralville.  

Krunkwich Ramen House

Do you have those moments where you lob out to your companions "What do you want to eat?" and then it's followed by complete silence. Your mind is blank only in the way you hope to achieve in yoga class, or Buddhist meditation. Well, this almost happened to me on Friday, but I had a... Continue Reading →

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