St. Louis sandwiches: Get to Blues City Deli

There are things I've eaten in my life that blindside my heart and stomach, and I dream about them long after the meal is over. A recent trip to St. Louis and completely random stumble upon Blues City Deli is exactly that. In true tourist form, I grabbed the trendy and I'm sure fully sponsored... Continue Reading →


Belly warming stops in Chicago

(Warning: this article contains A LOT of bitching about cold weather, but balances with food spots to remedy that.) My last trip to Chicago was so effing cold, I could barely huddle with strangers under the blue line heat lamps close enough. It was the kind of cold that makes you cry and freezes your... Continue Reading →

Chicago: The Aviary

Of course I've been obsessed with The Aviary, and every other Achatz culinary adventure since my visit to Alinea. Not just a cocktail lounge, this is a theatrical experience that will provide you with stories to share with friends for years to come. I don't consider myself a "one upper", but I have a few... Continue Reading →

Chicago: So.Much.Food.

After heading back to Chicago for the weekend it has confirmed one thing to me, I can't get enough of that damn city. While we attempted to sprinkle in a few more activities, it was mostly a four day binge on restaurants, bars, and great music. My next few posts will be dedicated to the... Continue Reading →

Things to Know on Monday

Things to know this Monday morning: First, the Iowa State Fair kicks off in two days. If you care about food and eating in any way, start planning your trip now. Here, this is where you can start: they post a $3 or less list. Which means, if I bring $100, I'll be able to... Continue Reading →

50 Best New Restaurants

There's not much I need to say here, this list says it all. Bon Appetit just released their top 50 Best New Restaurants in the U.S. (Please notice the article layout they were probably copying from my blog because of its' awesomeness.) While I'm sad to say I've only eaten at one of the said... Continue Reading →

Chicago: Tiki Bars and Coffee

I realized that in my drafts folder on this blog sat two articles about traveling to Chicago. Most people would comment on historic buildings, sports teams, and likely shopping, but as you can guess, I only see the inside of taverns and restaurants on most visits. I mean, sure, I sight see. But I'm usually... Continue Reading →

Krunkwich Ramen House

Do you have those moments where you lob out to your companions "What do you want to eat?" and then it's followed by complete silence. Your mind is blank only in the way you hope to achieve in yoga class, or Buddhist meditation. Well, this almost happened to me on Friday, but I had a... Continue Reading →

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