S’mores Season is Upon Us!

I catch a lot of flack for my love of s'mores. I come by it honestly, my parents love s'mores so much the summer is a nightly opportunity for a bonfire and s'mores buffet. I recognize these treats are nothing new, and they are certainly not fancy. But the good part about them is that... Continue Reading →


Top 5 for the Fourth

The Fourth of July holiday is so close I can practically smell the beer and accidentally scorched body hair. As it approaches and I frantically search for my american flag swimsuit, ironic tee and koozie collection, I started to make a list of other necessities for the holiday. Happy early Birthday, America! Spicy Cocktails, maybe... Continue Reading →

Meringue Girls

I remember finding Meringue Girls on Instagram. The bright colors and playful shapes and designs were immediately eye-catching. But their first book was several months away from being released in the US. The best mom in the world, aka my mom, honored my request for the purchase of yet another cookbook 5 months in advance and monitored... Continue Reading →

Music: the key to baking success?

Saying music and food go hand-in-hand is, I mean, duh. Like eating fat burgers while heavy metal music blares in the background at Kuma's Corner, or swallowing tacos while a mariachi band serenades your table, what you are listening to plays a large part in what is disintegrating in your mouth. But, can music play... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Babycakes Wonder Buns

With the discovery of Kasjen's food allergies, no more standard meals without exceptions, it would logically follow that I would begin to cook more. But usually that happens two ways. First way, I purchase every single ingredient ranging from $.40 to $12.99 and attempt to recreate a recipe for three hours that goes horribly array.... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Frozen Margarita Pie

Things I learned making the Frozen Margarita Pie from Zac Young: 1. If you are attempting this without the marvels of modern kitchen utensils, have A) patience, B) a partner, C) strong arm muscles, D) more tequila than the recipe calls for, or E) All of the Above. 2. Damn, the crust is good. 3.... Continue Reading →

The Complete Cookie

During a recent trip to indulge my smoothie addiction (more on that later), I finally splurged and got The Complete Cookie. I'll admit, everything in the smoothie store looks a little strange to me. Products all with bold words on the side, within lighting bolt clouds or bright boxes, screaming to add boosters I'm apparently missing with... Continue Reading →

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