Things I Need: pins and planners

I have a forever expanding list of kitchen and food related things I "need" in my life. So, why not share the best ones I've seen lately because if they are important to me, everyone should care (wink). The rolling pin is a kitchen staple that until this point in my life, seemed unnecessary. But... Continue Reading →


Product Hunt: rainbow spoons to snowy gin

It's Friday, and I feel like I've crawled here. I hope no one else feels this way, but if they do, maybe the shopping, drinking and planning tools will energizer them for the weekend. Or at least for Happy Hour. I currently eat off gold china flatware at home. I'm not bragging, it's from Craigslist... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Menu Genie

It's the first Friday of November, and in less than 2 months, we will experience three of the biggest holidays of the year. No pressure! (Cue the cocktails.) To limit the associated holiday stress, I commit to the bare minimum, and then surround myself with overachievers who are much more prepared and overzealous¬†about the holiday... Continue Reading →

Things to Know on Monday

Things to know this Monday morning: First, the Iowa State Fair kicks off in two days. If you care about food and eating in any way, start planning your trip now. Here, this is where you can start: they post a $3 or less list. Which means, if I bring $100, I'll be able to... Continue Reading →

Top 5 for the Fourth

The Fourth of July holiday is so close I can practically smell the beer and accidentally scorched body hair. As it approaches and I frantically search for my american flag swimsuit, ironic tee and koozie collection, I started to make a list of other necessities for the holiday. Happy early Birthday, America! Spicy Cocktails, maybe... Continue Reading →

Chicago: Tiki Bars and Coffee

I realized that in my drafts folder on this blog sat two articles about traveling to Chicago. Most people would comment on historic buildings, sports teams, and likely shopping, but as you can guess, I only see the inside of taverns and restaurants on most visits. I mean, sure, I sight see. But I'm usually... Continue Reading →

Food Inc. and New Pi

On Thursday night, I determined it was in my best interest to do a little more food research from the comfort of my couch. No, that's not code for ordering¬†Paul Revere's pizza. And after several attempts to watch a chef series, I settled on Food Inc. I knew what I was doing to myself, and... Continue Reading →

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