S’mores Season is Upon Us!

I catch a lot of flack for my love of s'mores. I come by it honestly, my parents love s'mores so much the summer is a nightly opportunity for a bonfire and s'mores buffet. I recognize these treats are nothing new, and they are certainly not fancy. But the good part about them is that... Continue Reading →


Thanksgiving Menu Genie

It's the first Friday of November, and in less than 2 months, we will experience three of the biggest holidays of the year. No pressure! (Cue the cocktails.) To limit the associated holiday stress, I commit to the bare minimum, and then surround myself with overachievers who are much more prepared and overzealous about the holiday... Continue Reading →

Make it a matcha

Call it boredom, but by the end of last week I was exhausted. I attempted to reinvigorate with two days of yoga, but the multiple two-hour yoga sessions left me inspired and stretched, though NOT energized. Could more chakra balancing help? Maybe. Would diving full force into a new beverage make me feel better? Usually, definitely. And... Continue Reading →

Things to Know on Monday

Things to know this Monday morning: First, the Iowa State Fair kicks off in two days. If you care about food and eating in any way, start planning your trip now. Here, this is where you can start: they post a $3 or less list. Which means, if I bring $100, I'll be able to... Continue Reading →

Top 5 for the Fourth

The Fourth of July holiday is so close I can practically smell the beer and accidentally scorched body hair. As it approaches and I frantically search for my american flag swimsuit, ironic tee and koozie collection, I started to make a list of other necessities for the holiday. Happy early Birthday, America! Spicy Cocktails, maybe... Continue Reading →

Big Grove, big impact

It's been a week since I attended the "Friends & Farmers Dinner" at Big Grove. My lack of writing shouldn't be an indication of how amazing the meal was, it was just the hectic pace of life. A week later, what still sticks with me, was how they created an experience that felt like I... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Emergency Birthday Treat

My youngest son turned two last weekend. And knowing that he was going to be two, and not remember how well or poorly I planned his birthday, I choose poorly. I filled his room with balloons, fed him sugar, took him to the toy store- all things that took little-to-no planning. And when I thought... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Fondue Party

Fondue Parties top my list of Favorite Things to Suggest For Every Situation. I'm usually not one for audience participation or interactive activities, but this is where I make an exception. The history, the planning, the execution, the enjoyment, the fondue virgins- every bit is great. The best part is that you have the ability... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Cookie Dough Buttercream

I tend to try a recipe once, love it, and then lose it. I'd like to think with the invention of Pinterest this won't continue to happen, but given my enjoyment of tactile collecting I don't have much hope. However, if I put this recipe here, this amazing recipe from Raspberri Cupcakes, I'm hoping it... Continue Reading →

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