Taste Test: Wilson’s Orchard hard cider

Wilson's Orchard, a gleeful orchard north of Iowa City that provides families with cider donuts and groves of apple-picking from August to October, recently started expanding their offerings. And while it's not available at their orchards, among a litany of other apple products, I was able to get my hands on four different flavors of... Continue Reading →


Thanksgiving Menu Genie

It's the first Friday of November, and in less than 2 months, we will experience three of the biggest holidays of the year. No pressure! (Cue the cocktails.) To limit the associated holiday stress, I commit to the bare minimum, and then surround myself with overachievers who are much more prepared and overzealous about the holiday... Continue Reading →

Make it a matcha

Call it boredom, but by the end of last week I was exhausted. I attempted to reinvigorate with two days of yoga, but the multiple two-hour yoga sessions left me inspired and stretched, though NOT energized. Could more chakra balancing help? Maybe. Would diving full force into a new beverage make me feel better? Usually, definitely. And... Continue Reading →

Weekend Souvenirs: mostly beers

A very important part of a long, holiday weekend is reflection. This eliminates the awkward interaction with coworkers when you see them Tuesday morning and they ask "how was your weekend?" Normally, the question is met with a pause, and a painful grinding of gears in my brain, as if I had too much fun... Continue Reading →

Top 5: Things I Want To Buy Today

Most days I can fight the urge to limit shopping to things I "need", hearing my dad's voice resounding "Is it a want, or a need?" every time I pick up a mint green geometric hanging planter. But then a copper toaster pops into my feed, and all hell breaks lose. Can I justify $250... Continue Reading →

Smoothies are my crack pipe.

I love smoothies. No, I mean, I fucking loooooooove smoothies. This winter I jumped on the "juicing" bandwagon. And for several weeks I found myself making a trip to the local market searching out this $5 glass of ridiculous kale water with everything just short of tadpoles in it. But one day this spring, as... Continue Reading →

The Complete Cookie

During a recent trip to indulge my smoothie addiction (more on that later), I finally splurged and got The Complete Cookie. I'll admit, everything in the smoothie store looks a little strange to me. Products all with bold words on the side, within lighting bolt clouds or bright boxes, screaming to add boosters I'm apparently missing with... Continue Reading →

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