Recipe: Emergency Birthday Treat

My youngest son turned two last weekend. And knowing that he was going to be two, and not remember how well or poorly I planned his birthday, I choose poorly. I filled his room with balloons, fed him sugar, took him to the toy store- all things that took little-to-no planning. And when I thought... Continue Reading →


Dinner: Fancy Fridays

  How to make dinner on a Friday night. Warning: All of these things are seemingly fancy, but only before some probing reflection. Make gluten-free spirals with black olives, leftover roasted chicken, and marinara. Serve by spreading it directly onto the table. Pray that your guests are as adventurous as toddlers. Use words like "fusilli"... Continue Reading →

Life Hack: steak n’ eggs

There was a moment in my past, where I sat at a bar, (apparently loudly) complaining about my growling stomach to the 'tenders discontent. Right in front of my face was the obvious answer- Hard Boiled Eggs ONLY $.75. A man, who only scared me slightly, told me to order the steak and eggs. My... Continue Reading →

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