Dash Coffee Roasters

The opening of a new coffee shop is a brilliant, blinking beacon on my radar. This one was so bright that I fully engulfed it, and sit here several months later realizing that I never even mentioned it. So shame on me, but hopefully my nearly daily visits soften the blow. Enter Dash Coffee Roasters.... Continue Reading →


Monday is for all the coffee

Coffee is a necessity of life I've slow rolled into over the last decade. Years ago, a crappy cup of hot brown water had the same nostalgic effect of the damn Folgers commercial that makes you tear up at the holidays. You know, the big brother coming up to surprise his parents, only privy to... Continue Reading →

Imbibe magazine and Mezcal Affogato

I recently discovered Imbibe magazine and quickly got online to subscribe. I love print publications and obviously, anything about food & drinking. This Liquid Culture niche-pub had to be in my arsenal. Mixing booze and ice cream, or booze and desserts in general, is part of my "Turn Your Dream Into a Job" future. I... Continue Reading →

These are a few of my favorite things…

Why in the hell is this in a bush?Five things you should eat before you go get a Shamrock Shake. The mysterious deliciousness of the Shamrock Shake has arrived. Although I sadly fall for other McD’s options, I’ve never tried one of these. I’d rather be drinking a Grasshopper and eating at a local restaurant so... Continue Reading →

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