A new year reset

We're sitting fresh into a new year, a time when everyone is discussing resolutions, #newyearnewyou, and are flushed with motivation. Personally, I was dragging my bloated, tipsy ass all the way through the last month of the year, feeling the impending doom of the new year. I was, gulp, looking forward to an excuse to... Continue Reading →


Things I Need: pins and planners

I have a forever expanding list of kitchen and food related things I "need" in my life. So, why not share the best ones I've seen lately because if they are important to me, everyone should care (wink). The rolling pin is a kitchen staple that until this point in my life, seemed unnecessary. But... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Menu Genie

It's the first Friday of November, and in less than 2 months, we will experience three of the biggest holidays of the year. No pressure! (Cue the cocktails.) To limit the associated holiday stress, I commit to the bare minimum, and then surround myself with overachievers who are much more prepared and overzealous¬†about the holiday... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Emergency Birthday Treat

My youngest son turned two last weekend. And knowing that he was going to be two, and not remember how well or poorly I planned his birthday, I choose poorly. I filled his room with balloons, fed him sugar, took him to the toy store- all things that took little-to-no planning. And when I thought... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Fondue Party

Fondue Parties top my list of Favorite Things to Suggest For Every Situation. I'm usually not one for audience participation or interactive activities, but this is where I make an exception. The history, the planning, the execution, the enjoyment, the fondue virgins- every bit is great. The best part is that you have the ability... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Cookie Dough Buttercream

I tend to try a recipe once, love it, and then lose it. I'd like to think with the invention of Pinterest this won't continue to happen, but given my enjoyment of tactile collecting I don't have much hope. However, if I put this recipe here, this amazing recipe from Raspberri Cupcakes, I'm hoping it... Continue Reading →

Dinner: Fancy Fridays

  How to make dinner on a Friday night. Warning: All of these things are seemingly fancy, but only before some probing reflection. Make gluten-free spirals with black olives, leftover roasted chicken, and marinara. Serve by spreading it directly onto the table. Pray that your guests are as adventurous as toddlers. Use words like "fusilli"... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Frozen Margarita Pie

Things I learned making the Frozen Margarita Pie from Zac Young: 1. If you are attempting this without the marvels of modern kitchen utensils, have A) patience, B) a partner, C) strong arm muscles, D) more tequila than the recipe calls for, or E) All of the Above. 2. Damn, the crust is good. 3.... Continue Reading →

The Sprinkle Cake

My sister sent me this blog this morning, and she's right, I love it. The cake in particular reminds me of childhood bringing back all of my memories of watching Rainbow Brite in RB pj's while eating peanut butter toast. The cake is six layers of rainbow-dyed cake topped with sprinkles. Whimsical, classic, simple... I'll... Continue Reading →

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