Community Supported Pig

You can rarely list the good decisions you've after too many old-fashioneds. I'm fortunate to say, I can name two. The Community Supported Pig is one of them. And upon every pick up, as I gleefully walk away on clouds with a bag of goodies in hand, I think about the fateful night I was... Continue Reading →


Chicago: So.Much.Food.

After heading back to Chicago for the weekend it has confirmed one thing to me, I can't get enough of that damn city. While we attempted to sprinkle in a few more activities, it was mostly a four day binge on restaurants, bars, and great music. My next few posts will be dedicated to the... Continue Reading →

Top 5: Things I Want To Buy Today

Most days I can fight the urge to limit shopping to things I "need", hearing my dad's voice resounding "Is it a want, or a need?" every time I pick up a mint green geometric hanging planter. But then a copper toaster pops into my feed, and all hell breaks lose. Can I justify $250... Continue Reading →

The trick? Simple Roots

Food is a funny thing. Meant to nourish us and keep us alive and healthy, it’s taken a mean turn in the last few decades. We now find ourselves overindulging, feeling sick, being sick, and frankly, developing an unhealthy relationship with it altogether. I strongly believe that everyone struggles with this. I certainly do. It’s... Continue Reading →

Mind of a Chef: Episode 1: Ramen

My obsession with David Chang began the same way as I imagine every other Changophile's did- with my first visit to one of his restaurants. After a short wait in line at Milk Bar, I dove right into my 3-4 dishes and fell in love (with both Christina Tosi and Chang).  My next few visits... Continue Reading →

The Boys Club

I guess pairing booze with desserts must be on my mind. Maybe my body is trying to tell me something, the way you crave food or meat. I think I'm deficient in alcohol and sugar. This new blog I found is really the perfect combination of the two, and is something I should probably explored... Continue Reading →


 Winner of the James Beard Award Publication of the Year, I'm embarrassed it's taken me this long to link to this site- FOOD52. Beautiful food photography, features, genius recipes, and shopping AND contests- this little site has more than my head and stomach can handle mid-afternoon. Brought to you by people cooking delicious things all... Continue Reading →


I love this blog because they mention "pinky promise" and "shithole" in the same post. Throw in a few music references and it ends with "Niceties be damned, we're just here to party." I'm in love.

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