Community Supported Pig

You can rarely list the good decisions you've after too many old-fashioneds. I'm fortunate to say, I can name two. The Community Supported Pig is one of them. And upon every pick up, as I gleefully walk away on clouds with a bag of goodies in hand, I think about the fateful night I was... Continue Reading →


News: snark and doughnuts

It's Monday! While braving an ice storm, here are a few news worthy goodies I managed to find despite all other conversation covering Jupiter. This article about the unexpected twitter gold you are missing out on. @Wendy's is all the snark you want to say out loud but usually can't if someone else is paying... Continue Reading →

Sugapeach: soul food in Iowa

While cheese balls and corn nuggets are NOT hard to come by in this area, you will not find fried okra on many menus. It's just one of the reasons to make the trip to Sugapeach in August when it opens. The owner promised food "like going to your grandmother's house on Thanksgiving", and from... Continue Reading →

Do it: Pig & Porter

Hoopla covered the background of it opening. Little Village released the menu. I figured I'd dive right in and drink half the cocktail menu, while I ate multiple selections from the food offerings from Pig & Porter. Last Thursday night, we stopped in for a late supper and to check out the newest place in town.... Continue Reading →

Art You’ll Want to Eat

I was following a trail of donuts the other day, and it led me straight to my second favorite thing next to food, Food Art. Comic artistry meets bright donuts, killer pizza, and rainbow food rain. I immediately considered reaching out to the artist to create a mural in my kitchen. Nothing adds flavor to... Continue Reading →

It’s BBQ time

This weekend kicks off BBQ Roundup in Cedar Rapids, and one of my favorite events- judging Best Pulled Pork and Best BBQ Ribs. Have you ever seen a pig in shit? See photo attached. BBQ beasts from the south travel to Iowa for the opening tomorrow. You too can see if Alabama or Texas has... Continue Reading →

Dumpling & Beer Pairing

Since my birth, my father has endured a litany of typical Father's Day gifts- homemade bird houses, ties, tickets to sporting events, more ties. Every year, I try to find something that fully encapsulates my gratitude to this man, and it's impossible. But this year I got much closer. My father has taught me a lot,... Continue Reading →

Big Grove, big impact

It's been a week since I attended the "Friends & Farmers Dinner" at Big Grove. My lack of writing shouldn't be an indication of how amazing the meal was, it was just the hectic pace of life. A week later, what still sticks with me, was how they created an experience that felt like I... Continue Reading →

Pullman Cobble Mashup

"How in the hell am I supposed to sleep after a meal like that?" I was still reeling from the brilliance of the blending of ingredients, flavors and talent.

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