Community Supported Pig

You can rarely list the good decisions you've after too many old-fashioneds. I'm fortunate to say, I can name two. The Community Supported Pig is one of them. And upon every pick up, as I gleefully walk away on clouds with a bag of goodies in hand, I think about the fateful night I was... Continue Reading →


Product Hunt: rainbow spoons to snowy gin

It's Friday, and I feel like I've crawled here. I hope no one else feels this way, but if they do, maybe the shopping, drinking and planning tools will energizer them for the weekend. Or at least for Happy Hour. I currently eat off gold china flatware at home. I'm not bragging, it's from Craigslist... Continue Reading →

Treat Yo’self on Hump Day

I assume you are thinking the same thing I am right now while I sit at my desk "how am I going to celebrate Hump Day this week?" So, let's discuss a few ways you can treat yo'self today. First, increase the inventory of food clothing in your life. Start here, where the world of junk... Continue Reading →

Art You’ll Want to Eat

I was following a trail of donuts the other day, and it led me straight to my second favorite thing next to food, Food Art. Comic artistry meets bright donuts, killer pizza, and rainbow food rain. I immediately considered reaching out to the artist to create a mural in my kitchen. Nothing adds flavor to... Continue Reading →

Top 5: Things I Want To Buy Today

Most days I can fight the urge to limit shopping to things I "need", hearing my dad's voice resounding "Is it a want, or a need?" every time I pick up a mint green geometric hanging planter. But then a copper toaster pops into my feed, and all hell breaks lose. Can I justify $250... Continue Reading →

Meringue Girls

I remember finding Meringue Girls on Instagram. The bright colors and playful shapes and designs were immediately eye-catching. But their first book was several months away from being released in the US. The best mom in the world, aka my mom, honored my request for the purchase of yet another cookbook 5 months in advance and monitored... Continue Reading →

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