50 Best New Restaurants

There's not much I need to say here, this list says it all. Bon Appetit just released their top 50 Best New Restaurants in the U.S. (Please notice the article layout they were probably copying from my blog because of its' awesomeness.) While I'm sad to say I've only eaten at one of the said... Continue Reading →


CR Restaurant Week Kicks off: White Star Ale House

Tomorrow kicks of Restaurant Week in Cedar Rapids. An occasion that makes a pretty big splash in most other markets, giving patrons the opportunity to taste several areas of a menu for a fraction of the cost. In Cedar Rapids, it's a tiny blip on the radar. But a tasty blip, nonetheless. To kick off... Continue Reading →

Sag Wagon

As the first snow falls for the season, I wonder if I really am too late to talk about the one option for sitting waterside in Cedar Rapids on a nice day. But I embrace memories of sitting in Venice on a cold day, watching everyone eat their lunches and drink their espressos and remind... Continue Reading →

Casa Tequila

We decided to be a little adventurous the other night and head south to Riverside to Casa Tequila, or as we kept referring to it, the "Old Icehouse". A brother restaurant to their other location in Tiffin, this two-story tequila house is situated on the south side of the main drag. My boyfriend was insistent... Continue Reading →

Oxford with some cajun flair

My favorite food adventurer and I decided one night to skip town and head to Oxford, IA. This trip to Augusta has been on my list of Places to Eat for, hmmm I don't know, two effing years. It was much more quaint than expected, and is a stone's throw from a great towney bar... Continue Reading →

Butcher Block Steakhouse

While trying to not be put off by knowing everyone in the room from high school, I still managed to have a great meal at this place. Overlooking the mildly-seasoned burger, it was topped with a bunch of crap so I would assume normally you don't notice the seasoning. Better than a lot of other sub-par... Continue Reading →

Art and Cocktails in CR

Inspired by the newest exhibit at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, which is conveniently (for me) paired with cocktails, I went on a mini-bar crawl. Here's the article.

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