I wanted to start a food blog about all of the amazing, and not-so-amazing, places I’ve had a meal in my life. I do a bit of “research”, have a sense of humor about food, and appreciate it for what it is. I rarely turn up my nose at a dive bar, there is a sick curiosity that lies inside of me telling me “this place could hold the key to the most delicious (insert dish here), I’ve ever had”.  I’ve eaten brown bag lobster spaghetti on Bondi Beach in Australia, had a 9- course meal at Alinea the night after they were announced the second Best Restaurant in the World, and attended a private christmas dinner party at Art Smith’s house.

My daily life includes things like hoping to shower alone, feeding and ethically-molding two adorable but destructive mini men, lots of dry shampoo, inventing cocktails, Youtube dance parties, presenting a professional face for clients and staff from 8am- 5pm as if I have on matching socks,  and wanting to be Beyonce while being pretty positive I come off like Honey Boo Boo.

My goal? That upon reading this you’ll laugh some,  and never step foot in a (insert chain restaurant here) again. Food explore off the beaten path, there are too many local gems to devour not to.


After leaving her hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Laura graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in Communications (and a few minors for good measure). Moving to Manhattan, the hum of the city and fast-paced, solutions- focused industry lured her to another event planning job. But soon after, the midwest called her home, and she relocated to Chicago.

Laura’s love of food blossomed into a technical passion during her time in Chicago as an event planner. In an industry centered on expensive taste and impressive experiences,  leading food and beverage trends nationally, she was constantly exposed to the newest cocktails, infusions, inspirations and techniques that chefs wanted to boast. Weekly industry parties combined with living in the epicenter of fantastic restaurants led to a severe obsession with ingesting. Travel and increased popularity of cooking shows only stoked the flame. To transition this into a healthy excuse to eat out, she began to blog about it.

Now living in Cedar Rapids, the north end of the Creative Corridor, in eastern Iowa, Laura has focused on bringing this attention to food & beverage trends, as well as constant crawl of local establishments, home. Since 2012, she has been published multiple times in The Gazette Hoopla weekly paper, and was featured on 600 WMT as a local food blogger.







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