S’mores Season is Upon Us!

I catch a lot of flack for my love of s’mores. I come by it honestly, my parents love s’mores so much the summer is a nightly opportunity for a bonfire and s’mores buffet. I recognize these treats are nothing new, and they are certainly not fancy. But the good part about them is that in the amount of time it takes to crack the eggs for regular cookies, you can build yourself a s’more.

In the last 24 hours alone, I’ve heard three references to this smokey treat. And as I was salivating over the Malvi mallows I’ve been saving for the season, I thought “this is a perfect series for the summer”. Besides floral summery cocktails, what else do you need in your life besides fire-roasted desserts?!

With three basic ingredients, there are certainly ways to make these treats a little more interesting. Because I also catch flack for making things up in the kitchen usually comprised of found ingredients, I thought this recipe may be different enough to warrant sharing.
(Next up: I’m testing out these babies.)
Smizzle Drizzle’s
The regular kit: graham crackers, and marshmallows (I used the star-shaped Starbucks ‘mallows)
Switch up the Hershey’s for: almond bark, milk chocolate and vanilla flavored
First, line a cookie sheet with a Silpat mat or waxed paper, and lay out the graham crackers in row.
Next, heat the almond bark in a double boiler. (You can create a double boiler by heating up a pot of water, until just before boiling, with a bowl placed on top.) Place 1-2 cubes of almond bark in the top bowl. Stir the almond bark continuously until smooth.
Use a spatula to “paint” the bottoms of the graham crackers with white chocolate. Lay them out on the sheet chocolate-side down. Then, dip the marshmallows in white chocolate and top each cracker, two per cracker.
Now- milk chocolate! Melt the milk chocolate the same way as the almond bark. Once the chocolate is smooth and thin, harness your inner Jackson Pollock and splatter the chocolate on the marshmallows and graham crackers. Then, let them cool- you’re done!
The best part? When you’re ready to enjoy them, nuke them in the microwave for about 10 seconds until the marshmallows start to expand.

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