Fong’s Now Open in Cedar Rapids

Friday I had the opportunity to taste a sneak peak of the newest restaurant hitting Cedar Rapids, and the New Bohemia neighborhood. I tried to accurately explain to my tablemates how excited I get when I’m invited to soft openings of restaurants but I think it came out as “It feels like Christmas”. Needless to say, we were all VERY excited to be there. This infamous pizza place from the west side of Iowa had finally graced us with a location. The newly transformed location, once Beta’s, was adorned with the tiki, vintage- Chinese restaurant decor and bright reds, greens and gold.

We kicked off the lunch hour with a sampling of their cocktails- both Waving Kitty and Professor Fong’s came in festive glassware (the waving kitty holding pizza still taunts me), but Scuba Steve in a pint glass was the most delicious. A very chuggable, slightly sweetened cocktail was something you think is perfect for summer but would drink all year long.
We took our waitresses recommendations and order the Dragon Balls and Crab Rangoon eggrolls while we fought with our next decision- which pizzas to order. The Dragon balls, shredded chicken wrapped in bacon and dipped in ranch, were great but no match for the Crag Rangoon eggrolls. If you’re like me, you dissect a traditional rangoon to get to the creamy, crabby filling, leaving behind crispy remnants of no flavor. And if that’s the case, these “eggrolls” solve your problem. A thin crispy wrapper filled end to end with crabby cream make every single bite rewarding.
We settled on two pizzas to start, and our excitement may have been bigger than our stomachs. We went with a the favorite Crab Rangoon (yes, again) pizza, and the General Tso’s pizza. As we waited for pizza, we finished our cocktails and discussed the condiments adorning the middle of the table. I was tickled to see honey finally grace a pizza joint locally (my kids love pizza at home topped with honey) and oogled the hot sauce they provided. Our pizzas arrived, and we all marveled at the crack thin crust. Now, let me be clear, this is not your average crack crust. It’s practically saltine thin, but still maintains its’ structure while loaded with the perfect amount of toppings. The crab rangoon pizza was topped chunks of crab, cream, wonton wrappers and cheese. Drizzled with sweet & sour sauce, the sweet and savory made you grab slice after slice until it was gone.
Our only misorder was getting the small (10″) sized General Tso’s  pizza. As the table favorite, we all fought for the last piece. The baby corn, the water chestnuts (actually tasty in this application), and the hoisin sauce, made this one our favorite. However, finding a favorite dish did not deter us from fixating on our next several orders of the pizzas we hadn’t tried yet.
We left Fong’s on Friday with full bellies, favorite tshirt and cup orders in hand, and fucking stoked that it came to town. My only suggestion? I need a checklist of the pizzas so I can order a new one every single time I visit! Stacking cocktail cups on my desk may imply I have more than just a pizza problem.

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