Philly adventures: Day Two

After a first successful night in Philadelphia, we cobbled together an even better day on the second day. And heads up, it just gets better each day until we leave.

It’s not a trip to Philly without a philly cheesesteak, right? And instead of relying on a tourist magazine, or heavily researched food blog, we asked the random clerk at the $5 Below store. (Our obsession with that store will not take up additional space here, just know that we went three time sin less than 24 hours.) He sent us Steve’s Prince of Steaks, and it was a great introduction to the cheesesteak scene. We let the cashier guide us to a Cheese with Whiz and grilled onions. And of course it’s not complete without cheese fries. It proved to be a good base for our surprise adventure at the Continental Midtown.

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Drunk on liquid cheese, we stopped at Continental Midtown and asked for the best seat in the house. We were ushered to the back corner of the restaurant, maybe our reputation precedes us, and found a glorious playground of soft, stuffed dogs to drink martinis on. Yes, you can go back and reread that line again. The back lounge area was filled with tufted benches, modern plastic tables, and adult-sized stuffed dogs to sit on. We order a pitcher of the Twizzle.  And after finishing our pitcher of Twizzle, and probing further, our waitress let us up to the rooftop early to check out the bar that wouldn’t be open for many more hours. The private tour revealed a beautiful midcentury modern rooftop escape in the city, and I felt like we were immediately in an episode of Mad Men.

After a few historic stops and sightseeing, we ended the night on the rooftop of The Logan at Assembly. Cozied up on couches set around fire places, the view Benjamin Franklin highway was the best way to drink a few bottles of champagne and cheers to the impending nuptials the next day.


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