Eff off, Kale.

kaleI’m going to just say it: I hate kale. I could go as far as saying “I effing hate kale” but I limit my exposure and therefore, anger towards it. I know it’s good for you, so I’ve tried it in many different ways. Baked, in soup, in salad, in smoothies- it all sucks. And for the amount of work I’ve put in to this relationship with Kale, I feel like it’s just time to say “this isn’t working”. Now I”ll admit, if you rub it in olive oil, salt & pepper and bake the shit out of it, the crispy crunch of it is palatable. But I’m sick of wading through it in my salad after three days of waiting for it to soften. Or eat it like I’m a three year old trying to take down cough syrup.

In my old age, I’ve arrived at the point in my life where I want to actively engage in the things that I love, and vice versa. So, goodbye Kale. Hello, tequila. (That may seem like an unhealthy relationship to start but it’s been out of my life for 15 years and we’ve just recently rekindled our relationship). I now have room for more things I love, roasted carrots of every color, asparagus, and tequila.
Admittedly, this blog sat in my draft folders for several weeks. And if I needed further evidence to publish it, here it isWe’re not just on a break, it’s over.

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