A New Breakfast: Coffee & Oatmeal

Although I have a newfound love of black coffee, I still dream about all types of coffee beverages. Tiramisu is moving to the top of my favorite desserts list, blended coffee drinks may be replacing regular ice cream options, and I will order any honey & cayenne pepper latte over a regular one any day. But I’ve never heard of this, and now I’m intrigued.

Death Wish Coffee’s latest blog post/email blast listed three weird things people put in their coffee, and the third one got me! Oatmeal in your coffee! Using coffee instead of steeping water to cook your oats, adding cinnamon, honey, etc. How did I miss this?

Upon further investigation, this is not a new trick, just new to me. Buzzfeed even tested it with two additional warm breakfast beverages, Dirty Chai and Hot Chocolate. I’ll take their word for it “Coffee and oatmeal is a delightful combination long overlooked by the world for no apparent reason”.

Intrigued enough to try it? Casey from Good Food Stories provides a recipe here. To make it even better, she includes variations. Now I have eight new recipes & counting!



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