A new year reset

We’re sitting fresh into a new year, a time when everyone is discussing resolutions, #newyearnewyou, and are flushed with motivation. Personally, I was dragging my bloated, tipsy ass all the way through the last month of the year, feeling the impending doom of the new year. I was, gulp, looking forward to an excuse to make a much-needed change. I was well aware of the bad choices I was making, and I’m not talking about binging on five extra cookies but a full on “fuck it” to all nutritional caution signs from my body.

The cookie crust of falling this far is that I took actions that I otherwise would’ve continued to avoid. My body needed a serious reset. So I selected the most serious reset I could think of, Whole30.

For a few years I’ve been a Whole30 lurker. I follow the instagram posts, I own the cookbook, and It Starts With Food. I’ve even dabbled in it, about two days at a time. But never have I been able to stick with it longer than that without cheating. And never have I PREPARED to succeed at it.

While this food blog has always been about culinary adventures, local offerings and delicious trends that catch my eye- it is also about how each of these morsels affect us. Whether it jogs a childhood memory, makes you laugh or moan, or leaves you to become all too familiar with the cool tile on your bathroom floor, food is rarely just about ingesting calories. And it’s about time that I give my body the opportunity to reset and figure out just what each of these foods means to me. For the 30 days, I’ll be documenting the reset on the Whole30 tab here. See you on the other side!



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