Monday is for all the coffee

Coffee is a necessity of life I’ve slow rolled into over the last decade. Years ago, a crappy cup of hot brown water had the same nostalgic effect of the damn Folgers commercial that makes you tear up at the holidays. You know, the big brother coming up to surprise his parents, only privy to this secret is his little sister until the coffee brews. In the recent years, I’ve started to spend a small amount (in fact: countless amounts) of money at local coffee shops. Starting with Ipsento in Chicago’s Bucktown, and then taking a deep dive at local stops in Cedar Rapids like Brewhemia, Roasters and Lightworks. Ordering speciality bags online seems like a natural progression- Dark Matter Coffee Roasters, Rhetoric Coffee and Death Wish Coffee. And to up the ante, these roasters include some seriously amazing art with their beans.

Dark Matter Roasters Music & Art Coffees

I love this idea that coffee roasters are pairing with artists to design speciality bags. Most recently Death Wish Coffee paired with artist Jeremy Fish for a set of coffee goodies. As I peruse my options online, I dream of receiving this great bag of coffee and awesome artwork, then framing them for my kitchen walls. Then when guests come over I say in a Betty Crocker-esque way, “Oh why, yes, those are by (famous artist), aren’t they beautiful?” all while pouring a steaming hot cup for them to enjoy. Maybe in this scenario they don’t notice the chipped coffee mug, or play-doh stuck to the floor. The smokey roasted coffee notes overwhelm the hints smelly little boys’ shoes or burnt pancakes.

Eventually I’ll hit my pipe dream, so I can write article like this, a hilarious tasting of K-cups and the garbage water they produce. I’ll attend one of those “learn to taste all of the notes of coffee like a real snob” class. Yes, being able to pull out those notes of kiwi, marshmallow and caramel instead of dividing between categories “good” and “complete shit”.

For now, I think my next steps may be to indulge in these artist + coffee mashups. Now if only I could use my french press effectively to make it worth the purchase. (Should I not be infusing beer at night, and making coffee the next morning?!)


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