Find Sub City

Maybe it’s my joy of unearthing a hidden treasure, my love of carrying a single vessel of meats, cheeses and vegetables, or my upbringing with Joey Tribbiani- but my love of sub sandwiches is on a steep rise. I’d like to believe that every town has a great sandwich shop, but it’s the ones that are hidden away that I enjoy the most. As per usual, this one has a numbered menu with nondescript names. All ingredients are sliced only upon ordering. My favorite is topped with five meats. Despite a steady stream of patrons, the place always feels calm and quiet. And although its’ located on one of the busiest streets in town, this sub shop is a hidden gem.

As I unwrap my white butcher paper to reveal my Downtown Special topped with dill spread and a mound of meats, I look around at the gig posters that adorn the walls. There is a background hum from the television stuck on daytime television, the squeak of styrofoam cups, and the rhythmic surge from the meat slicer. In the last two years, Sub City has become one my favorite places to grab lunch. Consistent, quality but underrated. Sub City is the Kevin McAllister of Cedar Rapids’ Home Alone, locked away from the hustle but will take a strong hold on your heart.


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