Things I Need: pins and planners

I have a forever expanding list of kitchen and food related things I “need” in my life. So, why not share the best ones I’ve seen lately because if they are important to me, everyone should care (wink).

ten-ways-todecoratewith-plantsThe rolling pin is a kitchen staple that until this point in my life, seemed unnecessary. But while I’m rolling out play-doh, cookie dough, and pies, this item keeps moving to the top of my wish list. This marble rolling pin from Hawkins New York stays chill for ultimate pie crust rolling. These laser engraved rolling pins from Etsy top cookies with decorations without the pool of sprinkles on the floor. You can even find them personalized. Do you want one that you can display in your kitchen between uses? Anthropologie circulates through styles, so you’re able to find one that fits your budget without a big commitment.

What new book do I need to add to my collection? Well, certainly one that challenges me to a new beverage every week. I’m on board with calendar planners and resolutions, this one combines that pipe dream with my love of the booze, into the perfect read for a high-function, goal- oriented social alcoholic. The Year of Drinking Adventurously looks like a project of maturity I can get behind, except that I will skip the week of Malort.

One of the last things I need is another subscription, to another food magazine, that I will inevitably hoard and review periodically for years to come. But I think about the print industry, and how much I love to feel the pages in my hands, and before I know it I’m entering my card information for $19.99 for six issues of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street. I”m looking for all that it offers- culinary secrets, best ways to use gadgets and improvisational tips. Also food photography I can swoon over while I eat ramen noodles.



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