News: snark and doughnuts

It’s Monday! While braving an ice storm, here are a few news worthy goodies I managed to find despite all other conversation covering Jupiter.

This article about the unexpected twitter gold you are missing out on. @Wendy’s is all the snark you want to say out loud but usually can’t if someone else is paying the bills. Replacing the “play it safe” approach that corporations normally take is paying off, which will hopefully lead to more candid, human responses from companies.

Local doughnut mecca, Donutland, started accepting credit cards. This may seem silly, unnecessary, #nbd, until you’ve hunted through your car to find $.80 in change to get a cherry chocolate chip doughnut, or kept a checkbook for the solitary purpose of writing them checks for $9.60. While this is great for making is easier to grab a quick dozen, this is terrible for making it easier to grab a quick dozen.

I turned in my two weeks at a great job, to go to an amazingly exciting opportunity here. (Look for Entrefest, and absolutely buy tickets.) If only the resignation cake was on my radar one week ago. Maybe a “good- bye letter face cake” on my last day instead?



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