New in the news: Mixers and Breadface

New Mixers For You- LaCroix, which used to just be canned sparkling water, now has roughly 546,000 flavors. And if you’re lucky enough to be in certain areas of the country, you can pick up a Holiday Variety Pack. Mix your vodka with tangerine, berry, or cran-raspberry (that’s the only reason people drink this, right?) Or, save a few cans for your post-holiday attempt at Whole 30 (the second reason people drink LaCroix).  Don’t miss out on skimming these TimeOut Chicago LaCroix suggestions either.

New Local Shopping for You- Trader Joe’s coming to the Corridor is huge. With the recent additions of things like Panda Express, Chipotle, Hobby Lobby and  Fresh Market in the last few years, truly cool places like Trader Joe’s, Five Guys Burgers & Fries, and Zombie Burger make people lose their shit. Now I only have to drive 25 minutes to get their Gorgonzola gnocchi!

New Weirdness for your radar: While scrolling Instagram last night because who needs sleep, I ran across this profile. Breadfaceblog to be exact. And if you didn’t know it was a thing to smash your face in all different kinds of breads, now you do. You’re welcome.


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