News: A Death Wish and detox

News: Put this on your radar and smoke it.

  • death-wish-coffeeDeath Wish Coffee Mug Release– I’ve fallen into a deep hole, a world I didn’t know existed but has consumed me. On the hunt for a Death Wish Coffee Co. limited edition coffee mug, I’ve discovered a devoted community and intense game of mug trading. You know that story about the undercover agent that joins a bicycle gang? That’s me, minus all of the details of that memoir, and add in the part where the coffee nerd joins private FB groups and sets calendar alerts to buy special releases. The cult following of the “World’s Strongest Coffee” elevates coffee aficionado’s to a new level. And between ugly Christmas sweaters, and hidden golden ticket giveaways, you’re missing something big if you’re not part of this. The news? Their highly-anticipated mug release lands on Thanksgiving morn.
  • Thanksgiving Playlists– Why are there no Thanksgiving playlists? I mean, this isn’t “news”, but it’s news to me. After trying several suggested ones on Spotify, the only digestible list was from Topsify UK. UK! Thanksgiving from the UK. I’ll just leave that there. Meanwhile, I’m making one for us all to enjoy. Suggestions please.

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