Product Hunt: rainbow spoons to snowy gin

It’s Friday, and I feel like I’ve crawled here. I hope no one else feels this way, but if they do, maybe the shopping, drinking and planning tools will energizer them for the weekend. Or at least for Happy Hour.

3-piece-beta-flatware-setI currently eat off gold china flatware at home. I’m not bragging, it’s from Craigslist and part of a larger strategy. It’s weird to 99% of visitors, but I do it because it helps the most mundane meals feel special. Hopefully it distracts from the lack of sophistication and planning in the food I serve. So when I discovered the technicolor flatware in an article on domino recently, I knew it was time for an upgrade. Will anyone notice their homemade chicken noodle soup is just bouillon, carrots and chopped up spaghetti noodles when they are slurping it from an iridescent spoon? I think not.

The holidays are upon us, and that really means, I’m shopping for 1,000 things I want and about five things distributed evenly to my loved ones. It also means, my designated “Product Hunt Friday” will be attainable for the foreseeable future. Here are more great foodie gifts I discovered:

well-fed-planner-challenge_grandeThis 2017 planner from one of my favorites, Simple Roots Wellness. This is the first release, but based on all of the other communications she sends out, I assume it will be the most valuable “get my ass in gear” gifts I’ll come across this year.

Do- It- Yourself Charcuterie boards from IKEA for the meat lovers in your life who you want to make a good impression on, or fool. A recent trip to the megastore provided a bounty of options of cutting boards. Throw the $3.99 Proppmatt in a gift bag with meats, cheeses and a marmalade, and everyone will think you fancy.

This, for all of your holiday spirits, from Modcloth. Because, you know, it is a Truth Serum.

Wanna forgo the decanter? Look at this beautiful bottle of gin from Far North Spirits. It makes you want to cozy up by the fireplace just looking at the bottle, I can only imagine how you feel after a few Negroni’s. Brought to you by a family in Minnesota, they definitely know what you need to keep you warm during the frosty season.




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