Monday News: burger faces and bacon texts


Here are some very important things for you to know this Monday morning. Unless you’re eating one of these cheeseboards and you’re already winning at life. Collect $200 and go immediately to tomorrow.

  • In the mood for some light reading with your light fare, check out Off the Menu from Thrillist. Story after story of the weird shit humans do at restaurants.
  • If you haven’t heard of the restaurant boasting Flavor Concentration Booths, get out from under your ramen bowl. Every where I look, I am teased with photos and articles about ICHIRAN. Why am I not there yet? Damn good question.
  • Don’t let the words “Cherry Bomb” scare you away from this beer thinking it will be overpoweringly sweet and fruity. The Front Street Cherry Bomb Blonde is smooth, and light with a slight hint of fruit- and pairs well with live music. Plus, it’s local.



One thought on “Monday News: burger faces and bacon texts

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  1. Is there any word on whether or not there is an app in the works that will replace real life Donald Trump’s head with a cheeseburger?

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