News: I see waffles everywhere.

In an attempt to take this up a notch, I thought I’d “plan” my posts a little better. I’ve heard this word but rarely apply it to my personal life, ironically, it’s what I do for my day job. And I thought Monday’s are a great day to share news. It’s the day I crawl out from under the rock that is the weekend. I’ve also usually stuffed myself at a local establishment, checked out a new place, traveled, or had a moment to gather a new piece of info. So, in following this newly laid plan, here is some news:

Dingo Bar opened in Iowa City. A coffeehouse inspired by Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. It’s topping the list of Places to Check Out now. Along with Maestro Empanadas and the late- night burger at Pig & Porter.

I see waffles everywhere. Is it a nod to Stranger Things? Do email marketing specialists think they can also lure Eleven out of the woods with strategically placed Eggo’s? Or is it finally time for pancakes, cupcakes, macaroons, donuts and all other sweet breakfast creations to move aside and make room for the most versatile version of them all?

Last night I inherited a book full of family- favorite recipes. Inside, a recipe for pork brains. It’s not news, but something to look forward to.

 Sugar cookie Pringles are a thing. No lie. Just in time for holiday weight gain.

And in case you’re late to the party, like I am, it’s been a year since Anthony Bourdain announced his plans for a night market. I say that because one, it’s amazing and I’m already looking for plane tickets. And second, I get to see this genius this weekend and it’s consuming all of my thoughts. Stay tuned to next Monday for a full report. Given this “planning shit” thing keeps working out.



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