Thanksgiving Menu Genie

It’s the first Friday of November, and in less than 2 months, we will experience three of the biggest holidays of the year. No pressure! (Cue the cocktails.) To limit the associated holiday stress, I commit to the bare minimum, and then surround myself with overachievers who are much more prepared and overzealous about the holiday than I am. Usually my short list includes the following: showering & showing up, drinking, eating, and making the turkey. Each year I’m delighted by excelling beyond the low standards I have set.

meuBut if you’re looking for your own recipe for success, and want more than turkey in your life, check out this quiz from the Thanksgiving Menu Genie at Food52 . Signing up for their emails delivers pesky lists of enticing dishes I rarely make, as well as kitchen gadgets I dream about, and helpful guides that raise my holiday standards or probably make me more knowledgeable in the food world. So I switched it up this year… I took the quiz.

The end result? Now I have 30 damn recipes to make. All delicious. All sure to impress anyone that eats them, curated for my father, mother, and family. This ruins everything.



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  1. I also made the mistake of taking the quiz. I think I’ll have to have some “practice dinners” just to figure out what to bring to Thanksgiving.

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