Treat Yo’self on Hump Day

I assume you are thinking the same thing I am right now while I sit at my desk “how am I going to celebrate Hump Day this week?” So, let’s discuss a few ways you can treat yo’self today.

First, increase the inventory of food clothing in your life. Start here, where the world of junk food and VANS collide. The real question is do you sport the ones that look badass, like burgers on black? Or, are you willing to become a walking billboard for your favorite food, like pizza on red slip-on’s or tacos on grey or coral? These are the questions that beat me up on a Hump Day morning. One on each foot? The options are endless.

Second, when was the last time you ate your lip product? Spoiler, you ingest it every time you wear it, gross! And most of the time you’re disappointed when the Root Beer Lip Smackers tastes less like a summer ice cream dream and more like shit. So pick up one of these instead. Created by Eco Lips, a local lip balm company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, this organic lip scrub will revamp your collection. You have to get behind something that reads “wipe off or lick off…” Also, it’s organic, fair trade, gluten free, cruelty free, GMO free, 1% of your purchase is donated to a non-profit AND delicious.

img_4694_fotorFinally, take whats left of your energy from reading this post, and plan dinner for your loved ones. Peruse The Vulgar Chef, and select the Taco concoction that your family will most enjoy for their evening meal. What will bring on creepy dreams, stomach aches, possible night barfs, or best of all, starting Thursday in severe abdominal pain? The Poutine Taco? Everything is good with cheese and gravy. The Thanksgiving Taco? Save this one for later. Maybe the Spaghetti & Meatball Taco for dinner followed by the…..sorry, can’t stop clicking...



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