Make it a matcha

Call it boredom, but by the end of last week I was exhausted. I attempted to reinvigorate with two days of yoga, but the multiple two-hour yoga sessions left me inspired and stretched, though NOT energized. Could more chakra balancing help? Maybe. Would diving full force into a new beverage make me feel better? Usually, definitely.

File_000 (11)

And so I jumped on the matcha bandwagon. I knew where I made my last few attempts to fall in love with a matcha latte, and headed to Starbucks. To my dismay, the Citrus Green Tea Latte had exited for the season, and I was left to maneuver out of the drive-thru in reverse/protest. I returned for my afternoon sessions of yoga to find that Roasters in Newbo had a matcha latte (yippee), and my dumbass was sitting just a few steps away from it. It hit the spot, and started a hunt.

Soon Bon Appetit articles starting popping up about creating my own iced matcha creation at home.
Articles touting the benefits of this
antioxidant- rich magical green tea found their way to my inbox. Feeling the need pulsing through my veins, I stopped at the grocery store and found this powdered blend in the natural foods section. Armed with almond milk, sugar, and my chlorophyll stardust, I hand blended my new morning cocktail on my way out the door. (Pause here for a random endorsement for the most badass kitchen appliance ever, this hand blender. For eight years I’ve abused and loved this device- hummus, whipped cream, cauliflower rice, macaroon mix, life. And it never does me wrong. I get giddy when I see its’ performance. Get one.)

Unlike most other beverages I can drink two at a time, you can find articles on the health benefits of matcha saturating the internet. Energizing without the coffee jitters? Absolutely. Are the pounds dropping away because of the high concentrations of EGCG? I could only be so lucky. Mixing it with almond milk and sugar doesn’t impact that, right?!

Read this: How to Make at Home, and let the experimenting begin.




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