Oishinbo: cooking & comics


I mean, talk about being the last one to the party. Today, in an article from NPR titled Food Manga: Where Culture, Conflict and Cooking All Collide, I started to unearth Oishinbo. Only to find out after several clicks that I’m about 33 effing YEARS behind. A quest for the Ultimate Menu by a lazy reporter revealing historical and political bits of Japan with every culinary quest, in traditional black and white comic strips?! I can’t tell what I want more- a heaping bowl of ramen or Oishinbo: a la Carte, Vol. 3: Ramen and Gyoza.

The magic of Amazon.com made the later quickly feasible. In two days, my own paperback copy will arrive that I will be able to digest in the privacy of my home, the same way I shamelessly scarf $.08 ramen.

<<To purchase your own copy to explore, click the book to the left.>>



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