Things to Know on Monday

Things to know this Monday morning:

Food and star

First, the Iowa State Fair kicks off in two days. If you care about food and eating in any way, start planning your trip now. Here, this is where you can start: they post a $3 or less list. Which means, if I bring $100, I’ll be able to sample more items than any human should. Challenge, accepted.

Next, Spoon University. Half the struggle of scrolling through recipe websites is trying to match how you are feeling with what you want to eat. For instance, if you drink a bottle of wine for dinner, but have a hankering for a midnight snack, you’ll want to peruse with “Already Drunk” recipe section (or email me for my half-banana bread, half-wheat- bread heel grilled cheese recipe). Helpful suggestions to completing the sentence “I’m feeling____” come up as “alone“, “hungover“, “Bougie“, or “single“. Almost as good as the recipes are watching these options populate.

Last, it’s elote season. In Iowa, there are sweet corn stands on every corner. In places there are not, I’m sorry. For those who haven’t heard the word, you still probably have all of the ingredients in your fridge. Serious Eats shares their recipe for Mexican Street Corn, but google will also provide you with 3,000 options for recipes.

If you’re already familiar with this Mexican street corn dish, take it up a notch with chorreados.



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