Oishinbo: cooking & comics

I mean, talk about being the last one to the party. Today, in an article from NPR titled Food Manga: Where Culture, Conflict and Cooking All Collide, I started to unearth Oishinbo. Only to find out after several clicks that I'm about 33 effing YEARS behind. A quest for the Ultimate Menu by a lazy... Continue Reading →


Things to Know on Monday

Things to know this Monday morning: First, the Iowa State Fair kicks off in two days. If you care about food and eating in any way, start planning your trip now. Here, this is where you can start: they post a $3 or less list. Which means, if I bring $100, I'll be able to... Continue Reading →

Sugapeach: soul food in Iowa

While cheese balls and corn nuggets are NOT hard to come by in this area, you will not find fried okra on many menus. It's just one of the reasons to make the trip to Sugapeach in August when it opens. The owner promised food "like going to your grandmother's house on Thanksgiving", and from... Continue Reading →

50 Best New Restaurants

There's not much I need to say here, this list says it all. Bon Appetit just released their top 50 Best New Restaurants in the U.S. (Please notice the article layout they were probably copying from my blog because of its' awesomeness.) While I'm sad to say I've only eaten at one of the said... Continue Reading →

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