Do it: Pig & Porter

Hoopla covered the background of it opening. Little Village released the menu. I figured I’d dive right in and drink half the cocktail menu, while I ate multiple selections from the food offerings from Pig & Porter.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Boulevardier Pig & Porter

Last Thursday night, we stopped in for a late supper and to check out the newest place in town. The patio was crowded with those enjoying the view of Third Street, so we took the next best seat in the house- the bar. I started with the Boulevardier, a perfect drink for Aperol lovers. I switched between that and an old-fashioned as I perused the menu, noticing the Asian influences on an otherwise traditional upscale American menu. Deviled Eggs with uni, chive, and Espelette pepper was the first order we placed, and it did not disappoint. Within a few delicious bites, the plate was clean and not only did I want more, but I wanted to order 10 other items if they tasted like that.

On the Medium menu, we did both the sweet corn gnocchi and spaghetti, also a splendid move. The gnocchi is a dish I would start a physical altercation over, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Upon the first few bites, I felt my elbows rise as I guarded my new baby, fighting off any person or fork, who would threaten to take it away from me. Spaghetti, yes, amazingly cheesy and balanced, but it couldn’t rival what was happening in the bowl next to it. I tried to savor every bite, but it wasn’t enough, I’ll now need to return repeatedly.

While I continued to relish the gnocchi settling in my belly, I couldn’t take my mind off the Large section. The whole smoked chicken, salsa verde, sweet corn and biscuits! And then there was the dessert section we didn’t even touch. I obviously went into this adventure a little unprepared, and at this point, I was three prohibition cocktails, and two pasta dishes, deep. It was a “fail to prepare,prepare to fail” situation. But I’ll know for next time to start with gnocchi nomatterwhat, then go from there.



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