Weekend Souvenirs: mostly beers

A very important part of a long, holiday weekend is reflection. This eliminates the awkward interaction with coworkers when you see them Tuesday morning and they ask “how was your weekend?” Normally, the question is met with a pause, and a painful grinding of gears in my brain, as if I had too much fun (aka tequila) to recall. So here is my concise reflection I can share, which proves I had just enough.

– I started the weekend with a few Dirty Blonde Chocolate Ale’s from Great River Brewing. Great for one, or even two, but both the chocolate flavor and ABV sneak up on you.
– The next morning we hit up the Downtown Farmers Market, luckily with people who were not fighting nausea. Bacon, egg and cheese on a pretzel bun breakfast sandwich from Woolf’s Lunch Box, iced Americano’s, fried Oreo’s, funnel cake, and mini donuts to top off the trip. But that’s what everyone eats in an hour long trip to a fresh fruit and vegetable market.
 File_000 (8)
– Almost bought these from Ragstock during a trip to Iowa City, because the only thing better than eating food, is wearing shirts with popsicles, tacos or burgers on it.
– Sunday required a trip to Lion Bridge for the Coffee Nitro and to check out their new bocce court.
– Ending the weekend with a few of North Coast Brewings finest, I drank both Pranqsters Belgian Golden Ale, and the darker ale Belgian Brother Theolonius.
Relaxing weekend filled with food and fun? Yes. Detoxing for the next 30 days? Definitely….after the opening of the soul food restaurant this week, and…well, maybe I”ll start next Monday.

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