Do it: Pig & Porter

Hoopla covered the background of it opening. Little Village released the menu. I figured I'd dive right in and drink half the cocktail menu, while I ate multiple selections from the¬†food offerings from Pig & Porter. Last Thursday night, we stopped in for a late supper and to check out the newest place in town.... Continue Reading →


Art You’ll Want to Eat

I was following a trail of donuts the other day, and it led me straight to my second favorite thing next to food, Food Art. Comic artistry meets bright donuts, killer pizza, and rainbow food rain. I immediately considered reaching out to the artist to create a mural in my kitchen. Nothing adds flavor to... Continue Reading →

Weekend Souvenirs: mostly beers

A very important part of a long, holiday weekend is reflection. This eliminates the awkward interaction with coworkers when you see them Tuesday morning and they ask "how was your weekend?" Normally, the question is met with a pause, and a painful grinding of gears in my brain, as if I had too much fun... Continue Reading →

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