Top 5 for the Fourth

The Fourth of July holiday is so close I can practically smell the beer and accidentally scorched body hair. As it approaches and I frantically search for my american flag swimsuit, ironic tee and koozie collection, I started to make a list of other necessities for the holiday. Happy early Birthday, America!


  1. Spicy Cocktails, maybe sweet too. Whether it’s the Mezcal Paloma recipe from Bon Appetit, or your traditional Michelada, a little extra heat on a summer holiday seems to help those drinks slide down easier. Chile de arbol and grapefruit, Cayenne and lime, pineapple and habanero- mix the tangy, sweetness with heat and you have a perfect recipe for happy party guests.
  2. New s’mores. Haven’t we all been eating the same shitty s’more combo- dry grahams, chewy marshmallows, and a chunk of barely melted Hershey’s chocolate?! Here’s three ways to make them better (my favorite way,) without much effort. First, cut out all work and just buy the S’mOreos. Second, try this Grilled Berry S’mores recipe with sea salt dark chocolate to give your fire pit some sophistication. Or finally, be an adult and buy real marshmallows. I’ve raved about these Malvi mallows before but it’s because they deserve it.
  3.  Food inflatables. I know this is only food related, but think of how much cooler  you, and your party will look when including any gigantic, inflatable versions of smaller, cuter things.  Floating donuts “beverage boats”– check. Some playful pummeling with a giant inflatable turkey drumstick leg? Weird. Pretzal pool floatie, hot dog water noodle, pizza raft, pick one and embrace it.Get the trend food pool floats!


potato_hot_dog_2_2000x15004. & 5. These last two are a combo, and while I grappled with listing fried chicken & watermelon, I went with Potato Salad &Hot Dogs. My son’s obsession with hot dogs, chili dogs and corn dogs this summer is relentless, they are a option for every.single.meal. Saveur’s article on the picnic staple, potato salad, combined these two worlds within the top three recipes listed.  Perfect, and now I’ll just add crumbled bacon… because it is a holiday, after all.



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