Dumpling & Beer Pairing

Since my birth, my father has endured a litany of typical Father’s Day gifts- homemade bird houses, ties, tickets to sporting events, more ties. Every year, I try to find something that fully encapsulates my gratitude to this man, and it’s impossible. But this year I got much closer. My father has taught me a lot, and an appreciation for beer, both shitty and otherwise, can be attributed to him. The Dumpling & Beer Pairing at Lion Bridge Brewing Company tomorrow night was the perfect gift. Czech heritage, history, family love, adventurous eating, and beer with a takehome taster glass?! Done.dumplings and beer

The event is a collaboration of two delicious footholds in the Czech Village New Bohemia area.Dumpling Darling, with a location in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, is my regular stop at NewBo City Market. In addition to their menu of dumplings, they also serve three kinds of steamed bao buns. Upon every visit, I order at least one BBQ Pork bao for browsing. Because you can’t drink coffee, eat sopes, cleanse with a green juice, or have cupcakes if you are not primed with baos first.

Hosting the event is Lion Bridge Brewing Company, an anchor of Czech Village that I do not visit enough. The always rotating menu of food and beers never disappoints. Award-winning beer, made by good people, plugged into the local community- what more could you ask for? Just go there.

Miraculously, tickets are still available. Get one, and you can come sit with my father while he tells 300 stories of ol’ Czech Village days between bites of dumpling.



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