Top 5: Things I Want To Buy Today


Most days I can fight the urge to limit shopping to things I “need”, hearing my dad’s voice resounding “Is it a want, or a need?” every time I pick up a mint green geometric hanging planter. But then a copper toaster pops into my feed, and all hell breaks lose. Can I justify $250 for a two-slice toaster? Not today. But I can start lovingly at it, and these four other things until the stars align.

So what do I want to buy today?

  1. That damn cooper toaster: All I can think is that the toast that pops out of a copper toaster must taste like slices of clouds.
  2. Egg Coddler– It’s a tool I didn’t even know existed but watch the adorable video and I think you can agree with me that it is what’s missing from all of our lives.
  3. An Aeropress– As I dive deeper into the coffee world, devices like these become more necessary (yes, Dad, it’s a NEED). What magical liquid gold could this device produce? Who knows, but I can’t wait to find out.
  4. Stainless Steel Freezable Shot Glasses– Folks, it’s 90+ degrees outside, and they claim that shots “unfailingly go down smoother”. What more can you ask for on a day like today?
  5. Blaum Bros. Hellfyre Vodka– First, it’s vodka. Second, localish. Third, it’s booze that you can mix for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is technically meal planning.

Do you see what I (un)intentionally did here? I planned your weekend brunch, and the beginning to a beautiful invitation to day-drinking.


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