Top 5 for the Fourth

The Fourth of July holiday is so close I can practically smell the beer and accidentally scorched body hair. As it approaches and I frantically search for my american flag swimsuit, ironic tee and koozie collection, I started to make a list of other necessities for the holiday. Happy early Birthday, America! Spicy Cocktails, maybe... Continue Reading →


It’s BBQ time

This weekend kicks off BBQ Roundup in Cedar Rapids, and one of my favorite events- judging Best Pulled Pork and Best BBQ Ribs. Have you ever seen a pig in shit? See photo attached. BBQ beasts from the south travel to Iowa for the opening tomorrow. You too can see if Alabama or Texas has... Continue Reading →

Dumpling & Beer Pairing

Since my birth, my father has endured a litany of typical Father's Day gifts- homemade bird houses, ties, tickets to sporting events, more ties. Every year, I try to find something that fully encapsulates my gratitude to this man, and it's impossible. But this year I got much closer. My father has taught me a lot,... Continue Reading →

Big Grove, big impact

It's been a week since I attended the "Friends & Farmers Dinner" at Big Grove. My lack of writing shouldn't be an indication of how amazing the meal was, it was just the hectic pace of life. A week later, what still sticks with me, was how they created an experience that felt like I... Continue Reading →

Top 5: Things I Want To Buy Today

Most days I can fight the urge to limit shopping to things I "need", hearing my dad's voice resounding "Is it a want, or a need?" every time I pick up a mint green geometric hanging planter. But then a copper toaster pops into my feed, and all hell breaks lose. Can I justify $250... Continue Reading →

Chicago: Tiki Bars and Coffee

I realized that in my drafts folder on this blog sat two articles about traveling to Chicago. Most people would comment on historic buildings, sports teams, and likely shopping, but as you can guess, I only see the inside of taverns and restaurants on most visits. I mean, sure, I sight see. But I'm usually... Continue Reading →

National Donut Day!

Happy National Donut Day! Here is me at my day job pretending I don't like donuts. And acting like I wasn't going to inhale one 20 minutes after the edit was complete. Then go to this place: Hurts Donut Co. in Coralville.  

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