Krunkwich Ramen House

Do you have those moments where you lob out to your companions “What do you want to eat?” and then it’s followed by complete silence. Your mind is blank only in the way you hope to achieve in yoga class, or Buddhist meditation. Well, this almost happened to me on Friday, but I had a breakthrough. And this breakthrough resulted in a magical moment of remembering Krunkwich Ramen House was just a few blocks away.

I was visiting Des Moines with my son, a city I’m only now starting to get familiar with. In my last two visits, I ate at Tacopocalypse three times. And every time, I was reminded that there is a ramen shop by the same owners and kindly asked myself “why in the hell are you not there right now?” At this moment, brain drained from NIKE Factory outlet sock debates for 90 minutes (no joke), my soul gave me one last glimmer of hope and whispered a Gollum-esque”Krunkkkkkkkkwichh“. It closed in 40 minutes.
Krunkwich Ramen House, just a few blocks from many other delicious local options, is located on a side street of the popular Locust Street area. While Liam was hesitant walking up to the ramen shop, I assured him that most delicious things do not come from shiny, beautiful exteriors. The room is filled with two- and four-top tables, with a walk- up order counter. Red and white pictures of Krunk Kat splatter the walls. After debating over the menu, and trying to convince him to get the Miso “Mac n Cheese”, he did the Kimchi & Bacon Krunk Rice, and I went basic with the #1 Krunkwich Ramen. I added a canned Thai Ice Tea, and canned cold brew for the morning, and we grabbed a table.
As I looked around, bowls of abandoned ramen scattered the tables, a sin in my book but also an indication that your $9 ramen will be more than one meal’s worth. A foreshadowing of our to-go containers.
While I wasn’t blown away by my Krunkwich Ramen, I wasn’t concerned. I have already chosen the next six items I’ll order on upcoming visits. I blame it on coming off an incredibly Japanese-inspired dish by Pullman a few days before, and that I tried to be less than adventurous in my selection. As I read through the menu, things like “deep fried corn on the cob” in the #6, or the #$@&!! Ramen, frankly any of the Tots selections, would be a wiser choice. The fried rice was great, and we proudly cradled our leftovers to the car, knowing it would make a great snack in about an hour, or breakfast.
The staff was nice, and accommodating, handing us a Krunkwich sticker as Liam took photos of the space. Definitely not my last visit, but why do I have to drive so far when I want to get Krunk on Noodles?!

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