Aquafaba?! Gesundheit.

Since we discovered Kasjen’s allergy to eggs, our world has turned into a creative food adventure of substitute ingredients. The due diligence of one of his grandmothers to find alternatives to foods that require fluffy egg whites, think macaroons, meringues, mayo, etc. we’ve been experimenting with chickpea water for months. But when I saw this recent article from Well + Good that starts by releasing statistics on the uptick of “Aquafaba” searches on Pinterest, I was stumped. What the fuck is Aquafaba? The short answer, it’s unsalted chickpea water, popular with vegans and now pinterest lovers, as an egg substitute. Find out how to use it here and here.


If you could care less about attempting to save the gross water that you’d rather dump down your drain before whipping up your homemade hummus, then instead, read why Orange Wine is summer’s new drink. Because if you aren’t bringing chickpea water french macaroons to the summer picnic, at least bring booze to impress your friends.




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