Eve of Eating

cobbleTonight is the eve of one of my favorite events of the year- an all-you-can-take-in food and beverage extravaganza. Truly, it’s a five course restaurant collaboration, but I anticipate the results will be the same. I know as I leave the restaurant, uncomfortably restricted in whatever clothing I choose to wear, I will also be re-inspired.

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t written lately. Not because there has been a shortage of ingesting, but due to a shortage of time really. I find time to stuff my face, but just not carve out the window of time to put it down on keyboard. So, it’s an eve like this, that I find the inspiration to carve.
What will I be drinking? Who knows.
What will I be eating? Take a guess.
And no, I have no fucking clue who I’m sitting with or how many people will be there. But that’s all part of the experience.
And this way tomorrow night, if I’m not too drunk or full to type, I can regurgitate the ingredients, composition, and cocktails right here, because I already said I will.
The restaurants featured, two of my favorites: Pullman Bar & Diner and Cobble Hill Eatery and Dispensary.
The last event was reviewed like this.

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