Krunkwich Ramen House

Do you have those moments where you lob out to your companions "What do you want to eat?" and then it's followed by complete silence. Your mind is blank only in the way you hope to achieve in yoga class, or Buddhist meditation. Well, this almost happened to me on Friday, but I had a... Continue Reading →


Aquafaba?! Gesundheit.

Since we discovered Kasjen's allergy to eggs, our world has turned into a creative food adventure of substitute ingredients. The due diligence of one of his grandmothers to find alternatives to foods that require fluffy egg whites, think macaroons, meringues, mayo, etc. we've been experimenting with chickpea water for months. But when I saw this... Continue Reading →

Pullman Cobble Mashup

"How in the hell am I supposed to sleep after a meal like that?" I was still reeling from the brilliance of the blending of ingredients, flavors and talent.

Eve of Eating

Tonight is the eve of one of my favorite events of the year- an all-you-can-take-in food and beverage extravaganza. Truly, it's a five course restaurant collaboration, but I anticipate the results will be the same. I know as I leave the restaurant, uncomfortably restricted in whatever clothing I choose to wear, I will also be... Continue Reading →

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