Recipe: Emergency Birthday Treat

My youngest son turned two last weekend. And knowing that he was going to be two, and not remember how well or poorly I planned his birthday, I choose poorly. I filled his room with balloons, fed him sugar, took him to the toy store- all things that took little-to-no planning. And when I thought I couldn’t fall any further, Sunday night birthday dinner arrived. As I pulled the gluten free, egg free, dairy free brownies out of the oven, they sizzled like lava. I’ve never seen brownies look quite like the science experiment that was alive in front of me. So, in less than two minutes, I tried to find a substitute. The only other gf/ef/df option available- rice krispie treats.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
the parent fail birthday treat

Last Minute Birthday Treat Rice Krispie Treats

2 TBSP of butter in a microwave safe bowl, melted for 60 seconds in the micro

1 package of marshmallows, then melted and stirred with the butter, 90 seconds

Fill bowl with Krispies, flooding the counter with a mess as you try to stir

Top with sprinkles and candles

Sing horrible rendition of Happy Birthday without scaring the toddler

Blow out candles, hand over a fork


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