Top Five List: Food Trends 2016

I missed blogging about my favorite time of the year- the release of food trends by national publications. That didn’t mean I didn’t read all of them. Or scoff out loud to no one at the ones I disagreed with.  But I did create my hit list for the year. (Sidenote: While some people create New Years resolutions that involve losing weight, texting less, reading more, growing intellectually or spiritually- I create a list of foods I want to eat and the ones I will force myself to try repeatedly until I yell “UNCLE” or start to like them. Because I’m really just a large toddler struggling with my oral fixation.)

  1. I’d like to welcome Fried Chicken to the party. Baum+Whiteman highlights more than just types of food we’ll see, but the revolution of how our food arrives to the table.

2. Bon Appetit’s list introduces the vocab word “Koji“. When I hear phrases like “it imparts a funky fatty taste- without any added salt, sugar or oil”, I’m hooked. I’m also getting on the green bandwagon, taking it from Kale to Chlorophyll.

3. PureWow does a nice summary of items that overlap from all other lists- poke, spice, turmeric, vegetables, the #1 fried chicken, and another favorite, hyper-locality. Here’s where I insert a plug for one of my favorite places in town, that hit the hyper-local scene years before it was on the trend lists- Cobble Hill.

4. Ube, and other Filipino cuisine. And for that matter- New Jewish Cuisine as well. After reading a few lists, I’ve seen mentions of these multiple times.  A bright violet vegetable most people have never heard of- yes please! Old-school cuisine that Jewish grandmothers have been perfecting for generations?! It’s like the rise of “midwestern casseroles” that I’ve had to eat for 30+ years now but much better! Now the issue becomes,

5. Lastly, keep your eyes on this shit, it may not seem new but I think we’ll see exciting things this year and they’ll top the list for 2017- bottled custom-cocktails by restaurants, coffee nerds come mainstream (siphon, nitro, vacuum, cold press), Artisan Ice Cream isn’t just macerated cookies anymore, and Sriracha becomes second fiddle to condiments that deserve the spotlight. Yes, even though they come in those adorable packets now.




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