Meringue Girls

I remember finding Meringue Girls on Instagram. The bright colors and playful shapes and designs were immediately eye-catching. But their first book was several months away from being released in the US. The best mom in the world, aka my mom, honored my request for the purchase of yet another cookbook 5 months in advance and monitored it as the release/shipping date jumped around.  But it was worth the wait.

Their simple meringue recipe that lays the foundation for the entire book is the easiest recipe to look impressive to guests, and is honestly fun to make at the same time. Between colors, flavors, shapes, and letters, you can take this in any direction your heart desires. I managed to make four flavors- including red velvet cake, vanilla, champagne, and caramel marshmallow- looking a little bit like a rock star hostess to my guests, all in less than an hour.meringue girls

The next best part is that the cook book sits on display in my kitchen, it’s bright cover providing creative inspiration for all who pass while cleverly hiding crumbs and neglected mail underneath.

You shouldn’t need any more reasons than those listed above. Get it, and start impressing people.


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